Penwortham Methodist Church

                 Message from Rev. Katharine                  


 Dear Friends,                                                                                           Why do we ‘give up’ in Lent?                                                                      The start of Lent marks a time when we think about giving up.  For those of us who have given up something for Lent, the month of March will be one where we are challenged to think about our preparation for Holy Week and Easter through our going without.  Depending on what we have given up this will be more or less difficult.  It can also provide us with a talking point for our non-Christian friends, relatives and acquaintances….it can be easier to start a conversation about Lent when talking about our sacrifices rather than the sacrifice of our Lord.                                                                                     But whilst fasting and giving up are positive commitments to this time of preparation, perhaps the more important aspect of Lent is not so much what we give up, but what we put in the space that our giving up provides.  The whole point of giving something up should be to enable us to do something else, something good, something spiritual, and something that glorifies God.  Then, when we speak about our Lent sacrifices, we can link them to that new aspect of our life of faith that we have replace them with.                                                                       If giving up is something you find difficult, do not give up!  Try making space for something new instead.  It might be that you would want to spend more time in daily prayer and devotion.  Perhaps you would like to spend the time in the company of other Christians, for example at the Monday evening Lent Course, 7pm at Penwortham Methodist Church.  Perhaps, for you, it is giving more of your time and resources in the service of others. It’s still not too late.                              This Lent, don’t just give something up, make a conscious decision to do something new for Jesus as well.   Blessings,  Katharine 

In this season of Lent, Lord, teach me to think not just about what I shouldn’t do but also about what I should; about what I can do as much as what I can’t.  Amen.

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